The BUILD Developer Event Will Return To San Fran In 2014!

Good news for developers who have missed the BUILD developer event, it will return to San Francisco in 2014!


In a brief announcement that was later pulled down, Microsoft announced the BUILD developer event to be returning to San Francisco, on April 2nd, 2014 and tickets will reportedly go on sale on January 14th. Despite being pulled down already, multiple sources managed to snag a screenshot of the BUILD Developer announcement.

Is there any significance in the fact that BUILD will be returning to San Francisco in 2014? Many don’t think so, according to the general consensus, Microsoft is fully aware of the fact that they are losing a very significant group of developers and in an effort to win them back and let them know that they are worth coding for, they are focusing on the San Fran area again this year. There is also the fact that a number of Microsoft’s competitors also host their events in San Francisco so it seems only reasonable that Microsoft would do the same.

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