The Brio Flying Boat: It’s Almost a Good Idea

Brio Flying Boat

I love flying and boating, I only wish I could do both at the same time. Now I can thanks to this Brio Flying Boat Kit. Sure it costs $10,000, but everything is included right? Not exactly. You still have to buy the engine, an ultra light Rotax (Austrian) 2 cycle engine to be more precise.

If you check out the videos the Brio looks like a whole lot of fun — until you and your drunk friends plummet to the ground that is. � Sean Fallon


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  1. ando buscando 2 flying boat para negocio en mexico si me pudes mandar
    informacion de los kit y el precio del motor aparte, ahi tienes mi correo
    de verdad me interesan y busco la manera de ponerme en contacto con ustedes

  2. would like to train on how to fly a flying boat, nice recreation equipment

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