The 39 Types of People You Will Meet on Twitter and Facebook

I would add something pithy, perhaps a sub-type they missed, but this about sums it up. Oh, wait! And hashtag abusers, you know the ones…. #TCOT #Right #Conservative #Palin.

And I just thought of another one – the people who share links in bulk, so a chunk of 8 tweets from the same person will show up in a row, all links of varying interest, usually of little interest. I was a big proponent of Twitter about two years ago, but these days, I’d much rather be talking to people that actually listen, rather than shout. Hit the jump to see the 27 People You’ll Meet on Facebook.


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  1. I’m SO terrified by the psycho ex girlfriend

  2. Very silly if we think of it… Cause this is just simple reality in every where we go online or offline.. Still enjoyed it though actually some where really funny. Great job on the images….

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