Thanko’s second attempt at an USB Radio


Thanko has released info about their newest attempt at creating a USB Radio. As you can tell, this time around, they at least have a better looking design, with a sleek white finish. The USB AM/FM Radio is considerably larg as peripherals go, but the quality and performance prove to be worth the size.

Its external antennae, which is visually much taller than the radio itself, should offer a far improved signal strength. The radio also allows you to record live radio in either WAV or WMA formats. The images provided from Thanko are pretty uninformative though, considering the radio is solely for use with Windows OS, not compatible with Mac OS X at all. Pair this radio up with the MP3 Watch, also from Thanko, and you’ll be jamming in no time.



Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Gerard van Alebeek

    Dear all,
    I’m mainly working from home and need to make use of VPN-software to be able to reach other networks. This VPN-software makes it IMPOSSIBLE to receive internet radio, it won’t let the radio data through.
    I have a few questions :
    1) Does the radioshark2 solve this problem ? Thus will I be able to receive radio from out of the air and play it on my laptop speakers ? (FANTASTIC external Logitech Z10-speakers).
    2) Is the FM really in stereo ? Not much info is available on that.

    Gerard van Alebeek The Netherlands

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