Thanko USB Morse Code Machine: Can You Dot Me Now?


Coming in great handy if you were to ever become lost at sea…with a computer. The USB Morse Code Machine, from who else but useless USB gadget masters Thanko, helps you to master the lost art of Morse Code. Teaching you to dot and dash until you can’t dot and dash no more.

Soon enough you’ll be having full conversations in Morse Code, with any else who’s listening having no idea what the hell that damn beeping noise is. Score one for mystery.

Editor Note: This is in fact a USB mobile charger. It resembles a morse code machine so much, even we geniuses were fooled! Psh, it happens. Thanks for pointing that out Steve!Andrew Dobrow

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  1. You guys might want to check your source on this one. It has nothing to do with Morse Code. It’s a universal battery charger, thus the pictures of mobile gadgets at the top left.

  2. Oh!……this kind of charger can be seen anywhere in China even before 2005….

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