Test Pattern Wall Clock Better Not Come With That Annoying Test Tone


This is only a test. *beeeeeeeeeep* Late night TV viewers are sure to be very familiar with the tests that TV stations perform in case of an emergency. Followed by an extremely obnoxious beeping tone. The Test Pattern Wall Clock takes the novelty of emergency testing, and slams it right into your living decor.

While we never quite understood why the test pattern is so undeniably tacky, it is a cool little piece of clock gadgetry. Especially for those of you who are proud to be adament TV viewers. All we know is that if a TV station were to mess up and display this pattern 24 hours a day like this clock, there would be a lot of pissed off people angry about missing Dick Van Dyke. Frankly, we’re way to Apathetic to care. — Andrew Dobrow

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