Tech Trends Taking the Online Gambling World by Storm in 2022

Online gambling is one of the few industries that has never experienced significant downfalls. It has officially been legalized in Ontario. While some provinces like New Scotia are still thinking about it, Canadian citizens are already playing massively at offshore casinos, whether it’s live casino games or sports betting.

With such a booming industry, it has become very competitive, and operators always try to find new ways to engage players with their online casino platforms. So, what are the latest tech trends happening in the online gambling world in 2022?

Top Five Trends Overtaking Online Casinos in 2022

1. Cryptocurrencies

It’s one of the biggest trends in online casinos and in all the other industries. Crypto is everywhere; trading, art, and even video games are pushing crypto-friendly features these days. 

What does it bring to the table? 

For online casinos, it’s obviously a profit because they receive a currency that can dramatically gain a lot of value overnight while having customers that are willing to spend more money.

On the other hand, players now have access to faster deposits and withdrawals without disclosing too much personal information. They also get more security and transparency thanks to the blockchain.

2. Virtual Reality

Online casinos always try to immerse players in the game, and virtual reality (VR) is one of the most exciting tools to allow players to enter the screen. It’s being implemented in many games, from live dealers to slots and horse betting. For live dealers, it makes you feel like you’re really sitting at a VIP table with a professional dealer, for instance.

If you’re a sports or horse bettor, you probably watch the events you bet on, right? Imagine being able to follow a horse cup in Qatar and immediately switch to a football stadium to follow the rest of your bet slip. VR used to be hard to do, but now that the technology has aged and is cheaper, we can expect a lot of innovation on this front.

3. Mobile Gaming

Sure, mobile apps have been around for more than a decade now, but it’s still relatively new in the online gambling world. A few years ago, finding a functional betting app was a struggle, but nowadays, even casino games can be easily played on a smartphone or a tablet.  

However, the majority of online gambling sites still prefer to offer a stable mobile version. Why? Because it allows players to connect whether they’re on Android or iOS quickly, it costs less money than developing two apps and releasing them to the public. Moreover, an app can be clunky because it has to adapt to your specific device, whereas a website using HTML5 only needs to know the size of your display to work.

4. Live Streaming

Did you know that some bookmakers give you the opportunity to follow almost all the events in their book as they unfold? It’s a new and exciting prospect, which, coupled with VR, mentioned previously, can really change the way you apprehend online betting. It also helps make sports betting and horse betting a little more welcoming for beginners.

For experienced punters, it’s convenient; you don’t need to have a subscription to a sports network and turn on the TV to see the game when you want to bet live or to go to the turf if you’re horse betting. Now, you can use your phone or computer, watch the event, and place your bets simultaneously and on the same page. In a world like betting, where every second counts to get the best odds, it’s a powerful tool in the hands of players.

5. AI-Powered Services

AI (artificial intelligence) is two threatening letters for many people, but in reality, it’s a fantastic tool that already benefits both players and online establishments. 

You can find AI on the backend of the sites gathering data for the operators to analyze the time and money spent by each player. It helps them identify the most popular games and their most loyal players, which allows them to adapt their offers.

On the front end, players will encounter AI without even realizing it sometimes. It’s used to recommend games based on what you enjoy playing but also to offer tailored promotions. You’ll also encounter it more directly when you use the live chat feature of an online casino. Before you get in touch with a live agent, a bot will answer the questions you have using resources from the site (FAQ, Terms and Conditions, and pieces of information given by the operator). The AI from this window will often ask for your feedback on the quality of its answers, and the information you’ll provide will help it do better the next time.

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