Tattoo Barbie Gets a Tramp Stamp


Oh, man. The transformation is complete. Barbie is now officially inked. The oldest teenager in the world (can you say “mid-life crisis?”) is now offered a new world of tattoos, thanks to Mattell’s new “Totally Tattoos” line of no-mess decals. No, I am not making this up.

Mattell offers a range of 40 tats to disfigure Barbie’s beautiful clear skin, including a strategically designed tramp stamp which declares her love for Ken. Didn’t they break up or divorce or something? More tat love after the jump of doom.




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  1. lisa marie evans

    why would anyone worry about a couple of tattoos on a doll with such unrealistic proportions! surely parents should be more worried about the effects of such an unobtainable figure than a couple of stick on tattoos! May i add that temporary tattoos have been around for an awfully long time, it’s not like Barbie comes with her own tattoo gun!!!

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