Take To The Sea With The Pyle Seagoing Media Center


Screw water. There, I said it. If it weren’t for the fact that us you humans need water to survive, we would surely despise the stuff. Always getting inside of our gadgets and causing problems. Psh. Whatevz. For all of you solo pirates out there, Pyle has put together their Seadoo with a full media center, made for wave riding.

If it weren’t for the fact that we get seasick, or that we haven’t left our home since 1982, we would be very compelled to take to the high seas, maybe even get ourselves an eye patch, a wooden leg, and perhaps a minor case of scurvy, just so we can feel at home in the Seadoo media vessel. The Seadoo features a 17-inch LCD (rear), a 13-inch LCD (front), a DVD player, 10 speakers, 3 amplifiers, and 3 subwoofers. And hopefully a spatula for peeling your ass out of the thing. Though it can’t go sub-sea.Andrew Dobrow

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