Take Pure’s new Move with you wherever you go

pure move dab digital radio

Pure’s new Move is a palm-sized DAB digital and FM radio that is only 15cm x 8.5cm x 2.7cm. This baby will last a long time ” 40 hours ” before you are required to recharge it, and then once it needs recharging, you can use the built-in ChargePAK battery pack. Now that right there is a nice little invention; maybe Apple should take note. If you’re not holding the Move (not THE moves, just the Move) you can stand it up with its stand and rock out all day. This isn’t just a basic DAB/FM radio, for you can control DAB scrolling text. Not only that, but you also get 20 presets, an mp3 player input, and a mini USB connection (Pure is thinking ahead). One more cool feature they brag about is that you can hook your heaphone out to a hi-fi system and use that as a DAB tuner; great success!  At around $120, it would probably just be better keeping your iPod. — Nick Rice

Pure  Move [via Tech Digest]

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