Why To Take To Dedicated Server Hosting?

dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most recommended web hosting option when you are looking for an optimum support for a big elaborate website- pulling in a huge influx of traffic. Yes, there is the inexpensive shared hosting option but if you want maximum performance & credibility, dedicated server hosting is the option for you. Why? Well, here is a discussion exploring the major benefits of opting for dedicated hosting service.

Great performance & reliability

This is the most significant advantage of going for dedicated hosting. In this case you will have the entire server allocated for you, accompanied by 100 percent rights on all the server resources. This means you would be able to enjoy the whole server bandwidth that ensures a seamless performance for your site, irrespective of high traffic flow every day. Then, dedicated hosting assures super fast page loading and pacey transaction capacity – which in turn up the usability quotient of your online portal. Most importantly, the site owner would cherish constant uptime & improved overall performance. No wonder, the experts usually vote for dedicated hosting for big businesses online.

Higher security

In case of shared servers, a problem in one website will pose security threats for all other sites on the same server. Thus, websites on shared servers are often exposed to hacking issues or virus attacks given problems in their neighbor sites. But, such problems cannot ever affect the sites hosted on dedicated servers as here you don’t have to share the server with other sites- which implies no sharing of neighbor sites’ issues as well. The web hosting companies always ensure better security provisions for dedicated server clients in the form of full-managed hosting where regular checking is carried on as well as timely installation of security patches.

24/7 support

The web hosting companies generally devote a caring 24/7 technical support for clients taking to dedicated servers.

Better flexibility

The website owners taking to dedicated hosting always enjoy better flexibility than the site owners on shared hosting. It’s because when are on a dedicated server, you have optimum access on hosting & server. The hosting company will allow you to decide on all needed parameters & features as per your specific traffic flow, business requirement & content involved.

Easy customization

This is another great benefit of taking to dedicated hosting service. As your business expands, you will experience heavier traffic flow, demanding more disk space and bandwidth. When you have your site hosted on your dedicated server, there will be no bar on customizing the server as per your wish- say running it on new configuration. Thus, you will be relieved from the stress of shifting between the servers continuously whenever you experience changes in business.

Exclusive rights

Dedicated web hosting assures special ownership rights for the site owners which is not possible with shared hosting. For example, in dedicated hosting you will have the exclusive right to install some private applications as needed as there is no restriction in regards to server resources.

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