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Want to Go Green? Play More Facebook Games

Since flash-based Facebook games don't seem to be going anywhere (unfortunately), one company has decided to start focusing on sustainable environmental causes. Now, you can save the planet while watching cute pixelated flash graphics.

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Woman Kills Her Baby for Interrupting Farmville Session

If you shake your baby to death for ANY reason, you have more problems to worry about than Farmville addiction, but this is a case of Zynga devotion taken to a whole new level. 22 year-old Jacksonsville, Florida resident Alexandra V. Tobias shook her baby to death after the three-month old Dylan Lee Edmondson had been crying during a rousing ...

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Farmville Coasters Bring (The Most Annoying) Botany (Ever) to Your Beverage

I haven’t had this many drinks on a farm since, well, ever. Ok, there was that one time in Tijuana, but let’s change the subject, shall we? STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK. I swear, the horse was asking for it! Farmville Coasters complete your obsessive attempt to integrate fake farming into your daily life. Congratulations, you’ve never had a withered ...

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Social Gaming Sinks to a New Low: Zynga Convinces Users to Fervently Collect Poo

FrontierVille has really taken off as of late. With an active user base of 16.3 million monthly gamers and growing, Zynga might just have another Farmville on their hands. FrontierVille users were recently greeted with a new incentive. Poo collection. Yes. Poo collection. The new Manure Collection allows users to collect an assortment of animal fecal matter and share it ...

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The Rise of Social Gaming and Zynga (with Infographic Goodness)

Farmville is no longer just a Facebook sensation. Soon enough Zynga’s going to be porting their benchmark farming game for the iPhone. Once the iPhone version is released, forget it, there’s going to be no way to avoid it. So all of us farm haters better just get used to it. Even without the iPhone, Zynga has all but dominated ...

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Anti-Farmville T-Shirt Proclaims Your Hate For All Things Farm Related

We’ve seen a shirt in the past which proclaimed the same message, but never quite so blunt and in your face as this rendition of the same idea. Of course, if you were practical you’d just block all Farmville notifications, which really is simple enough, and call it a day. But I guess we all need something to rebel against. ...

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