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Corrupt Your Children With Plastic Zombie Men

Today’s toys have advanced since the days of yesteryear when our parents played with army men and cardboard cutouts of Bozo the Clown. Children need to feel excited; pumped up, if you will. That’s why you shouldn’t feel bad about the way you raised your kids when they ask you for a bag of these plastic zombie figures. They’re a ...

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Headcrab Zombie Action Fig Brings The Fun

For anyone who played it back in the 1990s, the original Half-Life holds a special place in their heart. Whether it was the infamous Gordon Freeman crowbar or Barney’s terrible one-liners, you can’t deny that the first ass you kicked was a headcrab’s. A Kotaku reader named Mark decided to design his own action figure that closely resembles a security ...

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Zombie Arcades For The Rich Gamer In Us All

With all the DIY arcades out there like the Powerbook arcade or the Metroid themed MAME cabinet, you’d be crazy not to take a crack at building your own. Now if you just so happen to be rich, you won’t mind living by the motto, “can’t someone else do it?” Yes, someone else can do it and that someone is ...

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Decorate Your Yard With The Living-Dead

There is no better way to have the feds on to you than dead bodies climbing out of your yard. Living-Dead bodies that is. Artist Alan Dickinson, master of self-incrimination, has created his most haunting image of yard sculptures to date. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors let’s all your neighbors know that you’re one sick puppy. This zombie could burrow ...

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Remote Controlled Zombie. Period.

An awesome way to scare your grandmother for Resident Evil fans! This remote controlled zombie by The Chainsaw Mafia is a one-button controlled moaner straight out of a Romero flick. It’s operated by a controller shaped as a brain – how cool is that? Almost as effective at scaring away neighborhood cats with the radio controlled lawn mower, one click ...

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