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Zipper Boat Unzips The Naughty Ocean’s Pants

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki built this boat to look as if it were unzipping the water if seen from an airplane or helicopter. The effect is quite good and the ocean seems to love it, dirty slut that it is. Seriously, a $250 dinner and you never call? Screw you ocean! Virgin my ass. After the jump check out the ...

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Zip-It, Zip-It Good: Zipper Necklaces

You know how sometimes your girlfriend will just blather on and on about completely nothing when all you really want is for her to shut her dirty pie hole? You could tell her to zip-it and likely get a bitch-slap in response, or you can be slightly more subtle and offer her this trendy Zip-It Zipper Necklace in exchange for ...

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Jewelry For Those Of You Who Are Into Whips And Wax

Remember in Pulp Fiction when Marsellus Wallace is getting fucked in the ass by a couple of rednecks? Of course you do, it’s most likely one of your favorite scenes. Well if you’d like to sport a style that resembles that of The Gimp’s, I’d have to recommend Kate Cusack’s zipper jewelry. From S&M-inspired necklaces to beautiful, chic bracelets, this ...

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Zipper Necklace

Hmmm. I’m torn on this zipper necklace designed by Outi Pyy. DIY chic or just plain disgusting? I keep leaning toward the latter but I’m hardly qualified to critique fashion. What do you think? Link [via]

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Zipper Earrings That Scream “Classy!”

Get your girlfriend these zipper earrings. They’re only $5 and will entertain you for hours when your wife gets stuck in the blow-dryer. Or, have her pierce those nips and then you guys can do cyborg cosplay. Don’t have $5? Make your own with an old stud earring and a zipper. Link

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