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Classic Video Game Songs Get Lyrics

Aspiring musician and YouTube star Fredde Gredde might not have the most pure talent we’ve ever seen (nothing some good audio software couldn’t fix), Freddie25 has a way with melody and creating medleys of niche-y topics. This time around he’s created a medley of classic video game music, complete with homemade lyrics. We’ve seen Japanese adaptations of the Super Mario ...

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8-Bit Christmas Tree

(Very loosely sung to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree“) Oh, 8-bit tree Oh, 8-bit tree Your ornaments are so epic Oh, 8-bit tree Oh, 8-bit tree Mike Tyson makes me want to use anti-septic You make me smile and you make me bow I really wanna play some Zelda now Oh, 8-bit tree Oh, 8-bit tree Your ornaments are ...

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Full-Sized iPhone Ocarina

You thought one measly iPhone and one measly app could be passed off as an actual Ocarina? Sorry Smule, we know you put your heart and soul into your Ocarina app, but this is the real deal. Using three iPhones and a specially built laser cut frame, the iPhone Ocarina is much closer to the real thing. Utilizing the iPhone’s ...

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Nintendo-themed Rubik’s Cube

Not like you haven’t wasted enough hours on Nintendo. This Nintendo Rubik’s Cube features six sides of retro gaming goodness, including the iconic logos from six different classic Nintendo games including Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, Star Fox, Kirby and Metroid. Link [via] (Thanks Eran!)

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Hand-Knit Zelda Baby Clothes

Some lucky mother and baby is about to get the coolest damn baby shower gift of all-time. This hand-knit Legend of Zelda-themed Link baby outfit, complete with baby bottle quiver, is an amazing example of what an expert needle worker can do. This is exactly why I’m learning how to crochet, despite the incessant bullying. I’m about to kidnap some ...

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Gears of War and Zelda-themed My Litte Pony Dolls

eBay is what geeky dreams are made of. Surfing through the site, one can find a treasure trove of oddities and awesomeness. Like that one time where I found Harrison Ford’s used panties. Mmm, Han Solo juice. Surf a little further and you’ll find these gaming-inspired My Little Pony dolls, including Gears of War, Zelda and even Iron Man ponies. ...

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