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Speedy Electra Adds Sporty Electric Engine To Any Wheelchair

If you can’t move your legs, you might as well be able to look good while (not) doing it. I’m not sure if there are speeding laws for wheelchairs, but we imagine paraplegics must face the same laws as us leg-walkers. I think that’s only fair. The sporty yellow Speedy Electra adds a fully-featured, self-contained electric power drive to any ...

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Construction Utensils

No illegal immigrants here, folks. Just good old, solid machinery attached to utensils. Yup. We’ve got ourselves some trucks and bulldozers with a classic yellow and black paint job. The set includes a fork lift fork, bulldozer pusher and front loader spoon. It’ll keep your kids happy and might even be fun for you. At $18, it’s priced similar to ...

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Dewalt M-16 Will Fuck You Up

A guy named Dave Wiggins had a spare M-16 lying around his house. As odd as we may find that, he was certainly able to perform an awesome looking mod on it. Seems Dave went a few miles down his block to the Dewalt factory, where he purchased a sticker kit and various parts. After some Dremel action, he wound ...

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Green Lantern Beware: I’ve Got A Yellow Laptop Case

Nothing screams, “I’m holding a laptop, rob me!” more than this bright yellow vinyl laptop case by 25togo of Taiwan. The case is a classic take on a computer icon except, it’s really yellow. The kind of yellow looking folders you’d get if you had a 13-year old CRT monitor on the verge of its demise. The International Contemporary Furniture ...

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