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Your Sierra Nevada IPA Will End Foreign Oil Dependency

That’s right. The next time you go to the bar and order a tall, cold Sierra Nevada (sponsor us!), drink it knowing that it’ll not only get you drunk but also that your efforts are not in vain. The California-based brewing company unveiled an initiative to convert beer waste into ethanol that can be used to power certain vehicles. Yeast, ...

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Tic Tac Toast Stamper Adds Flavor To An Otherwise Flavorless Breakfast

Whoever said sliced bread was, at one point, the greatest invention obviously has never had my bombastic matzoh brie. Toast can be very boring in the morning, especially if you’re doing little more than spreading marmalade on it. Sure, toasting images on to bread is fun, but not nearly as fun as a friendly game of Tic-Tac-Toe. The Tic Tac ...

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Budweiser Salutes The Flag

Despite not being a huge fan of the taste of Budweiser beer, I must admit it’s got balls as big as Irish girls ass. Budweiser is brewing a new American Ale as a gift for the rest of the world to relish in yeasty malty goodness. On the 29th this homage to American brewing will be purchasable in stores so ...

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