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Xilo Lego Robot Plays Music

This arachnid looking creation is actually a musical genius. Well, genius for a homemade robot that is. Xilo is a machine made of Lego’s that can play the xylophone. Xilo strikes the metal tubes based on your movements. To create this yourself you don’t necessarily need a xylophone, a wind chime would work just as well. Xilo uses a vision ...

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Musical Duet Table for sweet, sweet xylophone love

Just like Dick Clark said, “Music is the soundtrack to our lives.” The Musical Duet table joins furniture design and musical instrumentation in a xylophone for two. You and your loved one can play brain-melting xylophone solos until your hearts content. There are 5 different musical tables to choose from if a typical xylophone doesn’t tickle your fancy. The tables ...

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