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When Movies Mate

Worth1000, the king of the Photoshop contests, loves to mess around with the cinema. And the site’s users just eat it up. Their Mate a Movie contest challenges photo crafters to join two or more movies together and create a poster for said movie. The results, as you can see for yourself, are often hilarious. If you’re not feeling Incontinent ...

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Sidekick’s Revenge

There’s only so much shit a sidekick can take before they want a bit of the limelight themselves. No matter how valiant or how jovial they might seem, everyone has a cracking point. For Worth1000 users, that cracking point is now. Check out our favorite sidekick’s revenge posters. There are plenty more over at Worth1000.

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Dreidel Hero: I Made You Out of Digital Clay

Worth 1000 held a dreidel-themed Photoshopping contest, and one of the participants took it to the logical conclusion. Dreidel Hero, the first video game made exclusively for rocking out to your favorite Hanukkah song classics like… um… you know, that one by Adam Sandler and, um… yeah, err, that other one about Hanukkah and stuff. Link [via]

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Star Wars Celebrities: Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo

If Star Wars was reproduced as a modern parody, who would be cast in the hilariously sacrilegious resulting film? Photoshop contest headquarters Worth1000.com has it covered with their Celebrity Star Wars contest. My three favorites are Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo. Lambchop just looks so much cuddlier as an Ewok!

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