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Rumor: iPhone to play World of Warcraft

Here’s a little piece straight off of the rumor mill. A source is saying that the Apple iPhone will be enabled to play the number one PC game of the last few years, World of Warcraft. The iPhone, which is poised to be a revolutionary handheld, would be the first mobile phone of its kind. The source says “Steve goes ...

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Video Game Symphony: An orchestral voyage through Mario

[ev type=”google” data=”8169033819829939284″][/ev] We have tried and tried and tried and tried to enjoy classical music. Most classical just puts us asleep, but there are a select few composers and songs which peak our interest. Of course, there are the dynamic sounds of Beethoven and the beautiful structure of Mozart, but our favorite is the great people at Nintendo. Please, ...

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Folding Earforce X-52 Surround Sound gamer compact headphones

Being a gamer and not having great quality sound is like listening to the radio in a domed metal room. Sure you can hear it, but you have to strain to make out the details. Many people would suggest that surround sound speakers are the answer, but your typical model is clunky and expensive. Turtle Beach has released its Earforce ...

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