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Synchronicity Island Purifies Water Using the Power of You

If we’re going to be enslaved, we might as well have a symbiotic relationship with our slave master. The Synchronicity Island allows us to buff up our beautiful, if slightly flabby, bods while our cardio workout provides all of the power needed to purify water. Metaphorically turning water into wine, except the wine is actually more water. Powered by a ...

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The New (Media) Workout Plan Puts Social Networking to Good Use

If you spend all of the time you used to spend exercising checking all of your shiny social media sites, chances are you’re starting to look a little lumpy. But there’s a solution! The New (Media) Workout Plan encourages fitness and geekiness working in tandem. Every time you open up a new tab to check one of these sites, perform ...

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Exer-Station: Wii Fit-like Gaming Exercise on Any Console

This is just perfect. And not only because the Wii sucks! Okay, well mostly because the Wii sucks. But we have to hand it to Nintendo. Their little Wii Fit gimmick is a decent idea… in theory. The problem is that their console is a gimmicky pile of junk, which isn’t much help to those of us who need a ...

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