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CantYouSeeImBusy.com: Play Games and Look Busy At the Same Time

It’s hard to look productive when Solitaire is clealry your top window. Your boss might think your slacking, but… hell, let’s be honest… you are slacking. But there’s a way to avoid slacker persecution! CantYouSeeImBusy.com disguises your gaming as work, making you appear as if you’re extremely consumed in your work… EXTREMELY!!! Even if you’re just playing a game such ...

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Working Game Boy Costume

Wow. Look at the costume this guy made for Ohayocon 2009. It’s an old school Nintendo Game Boy made out of cardboard. But what’s this? His costume is actually a full fucking working replica? Holy shit kid. Nice work. You can actually use the cardboard D-pad and buttons to play Tetris. I’d like to know how he made this thing. ...

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Trippy iPod Is By No Means Portable

Either I’m on some awesome drugs thatI don’t know about or the Russian artists who designed this oversized iPod are. OK, I just gave myself a blood test; I’m sober. That means that both Aristarkh Chernyshev and Alexei Shulgin are out of their skulls for crafting this large, warped, fully-functional iPod. It looks like they put a giant iPod in ...

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