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My Big Fat Geek Wedding

If there was anytime for supervillains to launch a coordinated strike, this would have been the time. Many superheroes, ranging from Superman to Danger Mouse, attended the wedding of Batman and Wonder Woman in Paignton, Devon. A few villains were in the ranks as well, including the notorious Joker, who reportedly gifted the newly wed couple with a 2010 Toyota ...

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Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Now Available on eBay

Even if Wonder Woman’s new look hasn’t quite caught on quite yet, a new Wonder Woman rage has. Originally offered as an April Fools prank from Mattel, widespread demand encouraged the toy makers to sell this exclusive gag at Comic-Con. And now, the inevitable… the Invisible Jet is now available on eBay. Of course, what you’re buying is an empty ...

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Wonder Woman Gets a Modern Makeover

After nearly 70 years of wearing the same sexy costume, Wonder Woman has been given a makeover. But that’s not the only change in store. In Wonder Woman issue #600, writer J. Michael Straczynski also delves back into Wonder Woman’s past, reexamining her origins. Instead of being raised as Amazon royalty, Diana was smuggled from the island as a baby ...

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Wonder Woman Reebok Sneakers

I can’t be too sure whether these are women’s exclusive or if dudes can rock these bad boys as well. I don’t care how queer it might sound, I would totally rock a pair of these. I’d rock them like a hurricane. I’d rock them like a lobster. I’d rock them like Zeppelin. You get the point? Even if they ...

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Elderly Superheroes: Kryptonite Isn’t the Only Thing Able to Defeat Superman

Being super doesn’t make you immortal. The superheroes from our childhood are starting to look a little older than we’d like to admit. Poor Superman has lowered himself into using a walker (hopefully not made of Kryptonite). Catwoman is fast asleep in her rocking recliner. The Hulk has withered into a hulking couch potato. Times they are a-changing. The elderly ...

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