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USB Breast Warmers Are Gearfuse-certified

Hi, I’m Doctor Vincent Veneziani B.D.. I’ll be your breast doctor for today. Please remove your shirt. Thanks. Hmmm, good feel. Nice and firm. Not too big. I’d say you’re healthy. What’s this, though? You’re always cold? No problem. Try these USB breast warmers out. Where did I get them? Where else? Thanko! Just plug them in and I promise ...

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Hulu Has Weird Science

Not doing shit this week? Me neither. Let’s all stay home the entire week and watch episodes of Weird Science on Hulu.com. Of course I’m referring to the television show, not the awesome movie which has Bill Paxton turned into a Jabba the Hutt lookalike. Enough about the movie, check out the episodes Hulu is hosting and enjoy this awesome ...

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Would You Like Salt With That?

In Japan, you can find a plethora of unique things that you simply won’t find anywhere else. From vending machines to robots, a lot of products are like ones you’ve never witnessed before. This time around, it’s a spa called Saltasia. As the name implies, this spa is heavily salt-based. Salt lines each room and is supposed to promote anti-aging ...

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Let Your Lady Friends Know, You’re No Shovenist

“The female form is the most attractive in nature,” says Dutch sculptor Mario Philippona. We couldn’t agree more. After all, no one wants a sculpture of a man’s flaccid genitals decorating their home. Instead, why not a coffee table with a woman’s legs and curvy rear-end at each corner? That’s what Mario has been sculpting: erotic home decor inspired by ...

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World’s Largest Photo Album Shows High-Res Asian Cleavage

Since the people of Japan aren’t known for being the largest breed of humans, they sometimes have to compensate for their stature in other ways. Whether it be owning and expensive car, creating super strong robots, or designing the World’s Largest Photo Album. Japanese photographer Hitomi Toyama designed this 4m x 3m, 1000 kg photo album, titled “Women Of Vietnam”, ...

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