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Freehands Glove Lets You Text In The Winter

While the DOTS gloves looked to be the ultimate texting gloves, there’s now a new pair of mittens in town. The Freehands Glove features removable thumb and index fingertips, perfect for wintertime activities. No twirling your meat with these babies but texting should work out A-OK . Fleece goes for $20 with some other fabric going for $30 and leather ...

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Cuddle Up With Slanket: Hands-Free Comfort

As much as I love cuddling up underneath a big, fluffy, warm (and occasionally USB powered) blanket when a chill fills my gadget-loving bones, the inability to cover my whole body while I play around with my devices deters me from keeping myself warm. Slanket has holes for your arms, which allows you to stay completely cuddled and still play ...

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Brenter Snowbike For Extreme Snowy Transport

Snowboarding and skiing are pretty ancient on the whole scheme of things. While we’ve seen some interesting uses of snowboard integration, this is a first for a totally new snow ride concept. The Brenter Snobike C4 adds in the functionality of bicycles for the slope. Even though it’s called a Snowbike, don’t expect to see any wheels. The system uses ...

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USB heated mouse saves your hand from frostbite

As we find ourselves constantly further into winter everyday, here is a peripheral that might help you save yourself from frostbite. This is a USB heated mouse. Not only will the power from the USB go to powering this mouse, it will also be used to heat up your poor, freezing hand. You might not want to trash that USB ...

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SnoWonder creates snow in your living room

Everyone loves snow right? Well, everyone loves the concept of snow and the amazing photos is makes for, but barely anyone likes the freezing temperatures it requires to even be present. SnoWonder takes care of the temperature problem of snow, so it doesn’t turn into a puddle of dirty water when you want to be in a warm living room ...

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