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Drag-n-drop files between 2 PCs, no drivers needed!

The Windows Vista has been launched, but we all wonder what good it does. A fancier interface so that our computers can run slower? More bugs so that we can engage in the perpetual cycle of updating the system? There is at least one good new feature on the Vista that a lot of people have thought about but never ...

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OKWAP S868 Smartphone: virtual scroll wheel over the keypad

Taiwanese company OKWAP announced this morning their first smartphone S868. It is one of the rarer Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphones that give you a stylus and an alphanumeric keypad but keeping everything in petiteness (106x51x18mm 122g). The touch screen measures 2.4 inches diagonally, and the camera at the back is a 2 megapixel CMOS with autofocus. OKWAP personalized the system ...

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Windows Vista media DRM protection cracked, what’s next?

With the recent crackings of the security measures set forth in HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it is only fitting that the DRM in the upcoming release of Windows Vista is hacked. Alex Ionesu, the man who claims to have bypasses the security, has only released very vague information due to the possibility of legal actions by Microsoft. Currently, this is just ...

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Want Linux? Dell is beginning to understand

Linux is pickup up pace. Apple Macs are picking up even quicker. Maybe its people’s increasing frustration with the obstacles presented by Windows. It doesn’t really matter why, right now Microsoft had better deliver with Vista in a few days. With some odd timing, Dell has started to ship mainstream desktops without Windows preinstalled. Not only does this save the ...

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Microsoft steps forward into the online sales realm with Vista

Microsoft has made a very smart move with the selling of their new OS Vista. They have make the option available to buy Windows Vista online from their Windows Marketplace. Windows Marketplace is their online store that has recently been released. This is the first major OS to be released for sale online. For sale will be both the 32 ...

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