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The Greenbird Is Quite Fast But Only When She Blows

This is the Greenbird. It might not look like much but it’s going for the world record of fastest wind-powered vehicle. It was designed by Dale Vince of Ecotricity and engineer Richard Jenkins. The current world record is 116.7 MPH and Dale Vince hopes to crush that speed at the dry salt flats at Lake LeFroy in Western Australia. Using ...

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Venturi Eclectic: The world’s first energy self-sufficient car

Venturi has announced its concept car, for now named Eclectic. A fully self-sufficient and autonomous energy vehicle that gets fuel from only natural occuring processes. The solar, wind, and electric powered Eclectic is being designed to make hybrid cars look like a truck with a broken exhaust pipe in comparison. With its 2.5 meters of photovoltaic cells, at least one ...

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