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Scientists Closer to Creating Three-Course Gum la Wonka

Prepare the Juicer! This isn’t your grandfather’s bubblegum. In fact, this isn’t even the flavor-shifting Stride Shift. Scientists are inching closer and closer to creating a gum which offers the experience of a three-course meal, much like the gum seen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by using manipulated nanoparticles. Researchers claim that time-release nanostructures within the gum might be ...

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LEGO Glass Elevator: Where the Hell is Wonka?

I was expecting a little Willy Wonka action with this LEGO brick glass elevator model but, alas, there is no Wonka in sight. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Charlie gets his lifetime supply of chocolate or not. This elevator is definitely lacking some Gene Wilder action. Link [via]

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