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Clarins protects your skin from WiFi, Bluetooth, Radar, Cellphone radiation and air pollution

French cosmetic conglomerate Clarins has recently introduced a new patented beauty product dubbed Expertise 3P. Supposedly this solution will protect your skin from aging due to Electromagnetic waves as well as air-pollution. The secret lies in the active ingredients Thermus Thermophillus and Rhodiola Rosea which are extracted from plants. We have no idea if this thing really works, neither do ...

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Oversized Ricoh 500SE delivers GPS, so what?

This product is definately directed at a very niche market. The Ricoh 500SE camera looks a bit oversized, but there is a good reason why. It has a built in GPS chipset inside of its camera body. Also, the body is big because it has been made for rugged use. If you’ve ever dropped a camera and it went kaput, ...

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Netgear Skype Phone = stocking stuffer

If your still busting your head over what to get that special someone for their stocking or just as a general Christmas gift, a Skype cellphone is a pretty neat idea for Skype users. The phone allows you to call any other Skype user for free when you’re within a WiFi enabled area. For a minimal cost, you can buy ...

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HTC Vox: The smartphone with sliding QWERTY

Most electronic companies would shudder at the thought of putting a clunky QWERTY keyboard onto one of their productive and sleek smart-phones, pompous jerks. But with the first details (well actually rumors) coming in about HTC’s Vox is that it will come sporting a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which from the pictures, actually looks to be a nice little addition, ...

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