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YBox 2 Set-top Box Kit

Ever eye over a Chumby and think to yourself, “That’s one cool gadget, but I’m not looking to spend the cash on a widget machine.” That we have and I’m sure the creators of the YBox 2 Kit have as well. This DIY kit allows you to build and create your own machine that displays customizable content. Think Chumby meets ...

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Chumby multigadget for versatile tech needs and hacking inspired fun

You want a Chumby, you just don’t know it yet. A Chumby is a DIY versatile multigadget that is capable of displaying a variety of options and can be built into literally anything. The Chumby is basically a processor, some memory and a screen, but the lengths at what you can do with these few supplies are nearly endless. Users ...

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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to be released in March

The 6th major release of Apple’s Mac OS X is slated for release as early as late March, says sources. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, which became available for testing last August, is marked as a major release featuring the added innovated feature of both 64-bit and non-emulated 32-bit drivers. 64-bit capability allows users to use higher then 4GB of ...

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