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Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

How do you take your Jack Daniel’s? I prefer mine with a twist of strategy and just a hint of geekery. Oh… and three ice cubes please. The Jack Daniel’s Chess Set encourages drunken chess tournaments, which can never end good. What experience I have playing chess under the influence ended with one broken chess set and a trip to ...

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A Gun You Won’t Be Afraid To Get Shot By

That tequila shooting pistol we wrote about was child’s play compared to this real shot gun. No, not shotgun — shot gun. It’s a gun that shoots shots of booze wherever you aim it. It’s called the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser and it’s sure to be the life of any party. What makes it so rad is it can fit ...

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Every Bartender/Alcoholic Needs A Whiskey Holster

Imagine a picturesque wild west town. It’s the late 1890s and the bars are hot, stale and empty. You and 5 of your amigos stroll in and order a round of whiskey shots, stat. How could you put the bartender under that kind of stress? The whiskey is clearly on the other side of the bar, next to the laser ...

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