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Topsy-Turvy School Bus Turns Child’s Life Inside Out

I don’t know about you, but if I was still in elementary school, and one day a bus like this came to pick me up, I would flip the fuck out! The Topsy-Turvy Bus defies the laws of reality by offering a mirror image of itself, on top of….itself. At least if this bus were to flip over in an ...

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Nightclub On Wheels: So Fun, Only A Hummer Limo Could Pack It All In

A nightclub on wheels should be no surprise in the day of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Laziness in return for luxury is becoming the norm around the A-List teeny-boppers, and a Hummer night club couldn’t make that any clearer unless then Hummer fell flat on your head (which would also hurt pretty bad). The Triple Axle 8 Wheel Hummer ...

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Riding On Quarter Shaped Dubs

Shown on display at SEMA 2007, these spinning rims are designed to look like you’re riding on a set of quarters. Behind the spinning blades is the image of George Washington as portrayed on the U.S. coin. Not only are they unique in design, but these rims are absolutely gigantic. The rims pictured are a massive 30 inches. Wouldn’t have ...

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Flowboard updates the skateboard for next-gen extreme sports

The mid-90s brought a popularity level of skateboarding into our culture, that no other extreme sport ever could. A mixture of more X-Games coverage and the fun-level of the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games, skaters are now a still a standard clique of high schools and burnouts. The Flowboard is the next-gen update of the Skateboard. With 7 wheels on each ...

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The DVinci Forgiato Radurra: look ma, no rims!

Where did the rim go? If you fixed up your car and you think it looks good, but you don’t have these DVinci Forgiato Raurra rims, your car aint nothin son. These rooms are completely see-through! The makers cite their past and jewelry manufacturing, using a technique known as bezel setting which they claim “only master diamond setters can know”. ...

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