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Pin the paintball on the Iraqi

Something spectacular is happening on the Internet these days. People are understanding that it’s ok to laugh at the dark side of current events, no matter how discriminating it is. Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal is someone who understands this all to well. Bilal has locked himself into a room for a month, so people can shoot paintballs at him from ...

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V-Gear Auto Focus Webcam displays your acne in sharp focus

The V-Gear Talkcam Tracer Webcam is not like the other cams on the market with a grainy picture. The Talkcam uses auto-focus and zooming features to keep you looking your best…well, at least the most like yourself. The Tracer is a 1.3 megapixel camera also capable of displaying video at 30 frames per second. The 1.3 megapixel quality of the ...

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Solid Year webcam keyboard combines tech in more odd places

Have you ever wanted to talk and stare into your keyboard instead of those darn mics and webcams? Probably not, but if so, this new Solid Year Keyboard (ACK-2230UMSP, how bad can you get at product names?) is definitely for you. This keyboard combines text, audio, and video all into one simple device. With a fold out little stick type ...

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HP Pavilion TX1000 Tablet PC to be released next month: Hasta La “Vista”, baby

With the official release of Vista for public use looming ahead, so does the release of the HP Pavilion TX1000 notebook. Featuring a touch-sensitive 12.1 inch widescreen display, a built-in webcam (mmm…amateur porn), fingerprint biometric reader, and a removable DVD burner, among other equally gadgety gizmos, the TX1000 is one hot momma of a laptop. We happen to love the ...

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DigitalXtractions creates Ultimate Outdoor Webcam

Webcams can now join the list of gadgets that can be solar-powered. DigitalXtractions just came out with the Ultimate Outdoor Webcam, also called SCIRC t1, which comes with solar-power and internet connection capabilities. There are optional solar panels you can buy to get your energy from the sun, so you can webcam and tan at the same time; you know ...

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