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Introducing: Google Chrome

Tomorrow, Google will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome in more than 100 countries. Chrome is it’s new browser and while it may seem like it’s aimed at Internet Explorer or Firefox, Google is really targeting Windows. Google wants Chrome to be nothing short of a full on desktop operating system that could give Windows a run for ...

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Facebook Is Very Real

As far as social networking sites go, Facebook’s popularity is unmatched. It’s a good thing it isn’t real life, otherwise I’d be getting poked all the time. The comedy group “Idiots of Ants” portray what it’d be like if people took social networking features and acted them out in person. The video goes into detail showing a satirical Facebook chat ...

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Snowl: Mozilla’s Take On Messaging In Your Browser

Is there anything Mozilla doesn’t create that facilitates your web surfing experience? Firefox 3 came out back in June, yet Mozilla is still working hard to provide its users with top end interactivity for its interweb softwares. Now, Mozilla wants to take its browser to the next level with instant messaging integrated into your web browsing. It’s called Snowl, that’s ...

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The Last HOPE Talks Available Online

It’s been a few weeks since we attended the Last HOPE Conference but it’s still fresh in our minds. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend or missed some of the great talks, there is good news to be had. 2600 has kindly put up all of the talks on their website, including both streaming and ...

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NeXT! The First Web Server

Found on Wikipedia, this image is (purportedly) the first web server on the World Wide Web. It’s an old NeXTCube machine that Tim Berners-Lee used at the CERN lab in Geneva, Switzerland. In case you weren’t aware, our handsome publisher, Steve Rufer, is also from Geneva. So in honor of Steve Jobs and our dignity, we’re going to beg him ...

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Hacking MySpace Profiles Quicker Than Jesus

Valleywag has posted a great little exploit from a “Canadian computer guy” that allows you to access any private MySpace profile. Using a Yahoo! Mobile widget portal and a little URL trickery, you can easily browse through any private profile, photos included. I stopped using MySpace about two years ago, so I signed up with a throwaway Dodgit.com e-mail address ...

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