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New MP4 Watch Tells Time, Too

Thanko’s new MP4 watch has many more functions than the name implies. While you can watch video on its spacious 4cm x 4cm screen (well, spacious for a wristwatch, anyway), it also plays mp3s, records audio in mp3 format, displays still images, and even tells the time. With up to 2GB of storage, this would make an excellent spy listening ...

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Lumigram A Glowing Example of the Fusion of Design and Technology

This piece of wearable tech combines a ladies’ minitop with very fine fiber-optic cables embedded into the fabric.   The French company who created this shirt, along with handbags and even wigs using the same technology, seems to be having trouble with their website, which is currently down.   No word on pricing, though wearing such a shirt while walking ...

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BenQ MusiQ player: for midget sized geeks

Don’t let the disguise fool you! These dog tag shaped pieces of metal are more then just for decoration around your local gangsta’s neck. The BenQ MusiQ takes the idea of the shuffle portable media, and makes it a fashion statement (or a nice prank to play on your military unit. “Man down! What’s the officer’s name? BenQ MusiQ? Hey….What ...

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