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Trippy iPod Is By No Means Portable

Either I’m on some awesome drugs thatI don’t know about or the Russian artists who designed this oversized iPod are. OK, I just gave myself a blood test; I’m sober. That means that both Aristarkh Chernyshev and Alexei Shulgin are out of their skulls for crafting this large, warped, fully-functional iPod. It looks like they put a giant iPod in ...

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Where The Hell Am I Going To Put This Thing

Straight out of the Beetlejuice film comes Dust Furniture, an acid-trip take on real furniture except for one thing: you can’t put books on it. Well, certain shelves seem straight but if you check out the gallery there are tons of these designs which aren’t practical shelving space. That’s alright though, as Dust Furniture is completely for show. Having guests ...

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