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CCP’s humidifier is portable and drinks water from bottle

CCP Japan has good news to the ladies who hate dry weather. Their new humidifier is so portable that you can do SPA in the office, at the library or anywhere as long as you can find a mains power plug. The body itself measures 110x65x76mm and weighs 400g. The best part is that this tiny machine drinks water from ...

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The next USB accessory: a noodle strainer

With all these USB accessories that seem to be popping up like mad lately, most can be separated into either the nifty category (i.e. USB shaver) or the stupid but funny category (i.e. humping dog USB); however, the USB noodle strainer has to be put in its own category: absolutely stupid. Its supposed to make soumen noodles for those nerds ...

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Make water blue: the Blue LED Faucet Light

Sick of having crystal clear water running out of your faucet like normal people, then you should upgrade to the Blue LED Faucet Light. This faucet light attaches to the end of the faucet, automatically turning on when water runs through it and turning off when the water stops flowing. The water then flows out of the faucet an eerie ...

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