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Cabestan watch: A unique new look at time

It’s no secret that we here are fans of finely made watches. The Cabestan design from Vianney Halter and Jean-Fran §ois Ruchonnet is not yet being produced for sale, but makes us watch fans drool at its unique new look at watch design. The pictures you see are a rare few of the Cabestan that exist, with only a few ...

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Be the king of bling with the Hublot Million Dollar Watch

Yo, dawg. We gots a question for y’all homeboys. Is there such thing as too much bling? Normally that answer would be, “Umm, we don’t think so, but ask Lil’ John.” But this addition to the Hublot series of Big Bang watches makes us believe that there is indeed the possibility to have to much ice around your wrist. With ...

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MP3 Watch wirelessly broadcasts to Car Radio with FM Transmitter

Before you run out and buy a FM transmitter for your iPod, consider this. This MP3-playing Watch comes with its own FM Transmitter. The watch has everything built in to have tunes blaring through your car stereo whenever you want them too. And although there has been other wirelessly transmitting MP3 watches, the difference with this one is that it ...

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The Four Cubes Clock

Somethings we’ll never understand, but we learn to accept them as certainties. What is our geeky obsession with cool clocks and watches? We don’t have an answer for that question, but we do have incentive for you to join our excitement. The Four Cubes Clock is a snazzy tabletop timepiece consisting of…well, four cubes that display the time, two designated ...

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Watch My Wrist: A Netflix-like service for watches

Netflix became a national phenomenon when it launched its service as an online movie rental service. Now the same type of system is being created for wrist gadgets, otherwise known as watches. Watch My Wrist is essentially a designer watch rental service. If you want to get some ooh’s and ahh’s at parties or some fashion props from your friends, ...

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