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Roll Up Washable Keyboard

Sometimes, the best gadgets don’t feature accelerometers and digital cameras. Take for instance this roll up keyboard. It’s made of silicone and is completely washable, ensuring that last night’s Red Bull Cola stains come off with complete ease. And for only $15? Sign me up. Link [via]

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The Washable Keyboard

Meet your new best friend, cheese puff. This keyboard may look like your standard run-of-the-mill nonsense found in schools and libraries across the nation but you’d be wrong. See, you can throw this fucker in a tub of water and let her rip. Clean your disgusting fingerprints off it so that they won’t slip during your next raid in World ...

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Tunebelt: the perfect running companion

This past holiday season many of us made New Years resolutions and received new gadgets, like cellphones and mp3 players. So we all decide to go running, but there is a major dilemma in our path: how do we carry our new gadgets while were running? Well some guys must have had this problem last year because this year they ...

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