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Melting Man Raises Global Warming Awareness

Upon first glance you’d think this guy was just some panhandler who was a little late on Halloween but, in truth, he’s loitering for a good cause, fighting the good fight. It’s a member of the Argentinian Red Cross exercising some guerrilla marketing to raise awareness of global warming. It’s so hot outside he’s melting. So, do something about it ...

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Thanko Very Much: USB Heated Mousepad

What better way to warm that right hand up? Plug in this cute, blue fish from Thanko and let ‘er rip. Just keep your hand inside while you use the mouse and you’ll be hotter than Sarah Palin. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll get skin cancer or a weird rash from it but who’s counting? $22 and the ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/16/07

Finger Warming Keyboard [Amazon] – For ultra toastyness while you click away.People use IM to hook up then break up [Ars Technica] – Something tells me the majority of this survey was taken with the 14-17 age demographic.Wall-Mounted Shoe Dryer [Core77] – Something about hanging sopping wet shoes on a device plugged into a wall socket doesn’t seem too safe ...

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