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Walmart Will Keep DRM Servers Running

Aw, shucks Walmart. I knew you would have a change of heart! The people working at big blue must have realized that shutting off DRM servers and killing access to music your customers paid for is a bad idea. Perhaps they took a clue from Yahoo!?For now, the servers will be left on indefinitely thanks to customer outrage but it’s ...

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Sam’s Club Has Geeks On Call To Overcharge You And Fix Nothing

It’s no mystery that Geek Squad, the subsidiary computer repair service of the Best Buy Company, is known for its incompetence and over-pricing in computer maintenance. After all, it’s Best Buy. Now, these computer services are sprouting up alongside many other major retailers. A week after Dell announced its tech-support services with Wal-Mart, the retail chain Sam�s Club (which is ...

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