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Touch Menus in Restaurants Could Eliminate The Need For Servers (and Tips)

About 90% of resturant awkwardness occurs when trying to converse with the server. I think most of the small talk is awkward for a few simple reasons. First, you don’t really care whether the waitress is having a busy night or not. You just want your food. Second, the waitress doesn’t really care how your evening is going. She just ...

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D+Caf Test Strips: Disgruntled Waitresses Beware

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a waitress who is having a bad night, don’t give her any shit. You never know if she’ll do something devastating, like dipping your hamburger bun in her menstruation blood (extra ketchup, sir?) or even (gasp!) bringing you decaf instead of regular. We can’t help you too much with that first one other than ...

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