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GEARDeals: Amazon Offering Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate for $0.01

Just as they did for AT&T’s Galaxy S release, the Samsung Captivate, Amazon.com is offering Verizon’s adaptation of the Android device, the Samsung Fascinate, for only $0.01, yes, one-cent, with a two-year contract. No other strings attached. I ordered a Captivate thorough Amazon when that sale was going on and saved myself a few hundred bucks. The Fascinate is equipped ...

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Verizon Wireless: Do You Want The iPhone?

Customers who are leaving Verizon Wireless are being asked to conduct an exit survey so VZW can find out why they left. The standard questions apply but one of the answers is raising some eyebrows. Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with iClone. Yes, Verizon Wireless is gauging how badly the iPhone is hurting its subscriber ...

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