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Traditional Greeting Hoodie: Live Long and Prosper

The cold season is well on its way. It’s about that time of the year where all of us geeky infidels take to the web to go hoodie shopping. The Traditional Greeting hoodie by Threadless is the perfect fall outer garment for both the socialite and geek buried deep down in each and every one of us. When zipped up ...

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Live Long & Prosper Foam Hand

I’m not much of a sports guy so as you can imagine, I don’t go to many sporting events. But when I do, I always need to get me some of those tacky souvenirs. Though next time I think I’ll bring my own. This excellent Live Long & Prosper foam hand lets your favorite team know you’re routing for them ...

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Too Creepy: Pharrell Williams Hand Candles

I’m not too sure how I feel about these realistic-looking candles that are molded after producer/rapper/fashionista Pharrell Williams throwing down Vulcan gang signs. Yes, Vulcan symbols. Odd, right? Even weirder is that these are candles and are limited edition. Who makes a limited edition candle? Do you buy two of each to ensure you can have one to show your ...

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DJ Spock Rocks The Enterprise

DJ Spock knows how to lay down the hot beats. As publicity stunt for the release of Star Trek Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com, CBS put this ad online that shows Spock, from Star Trek, hanging with Kirk on the Enterprise while mixing up some Vulcan rhythms that are so fly, your ears will turn pointy.� Bust out ...

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