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Little Late On The Beer Belt

Not every belt is built for hard liquor. Some are built for hops lovers others for gay pirates, but man oh man, I could’ve used this in high school. As for college, I slept next to a mini-fridge, no $18 beer belt needed. This belt reminds me of my senior year in high school. The chess team had just won ...

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Cool Toys: Dog That Vomits Slime

Toys sure have evolved over the years. It went from the basic teddy bear, to Creepy Crawlers (remember those fuckers?), to Mighty Max to the dog that vomits slime. Come August, toy company Mega House, a subsidiary of Bandai, will ship “Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko” or “Shocking Sick Puppy”, a Japanese toy guaranteed to disgust many parents out there. ...

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Turd Twister molds poop

There’s really no words that can express how thoroughly revolting this product is. The Turd Twister starter kit (is there an advanced kit?!) comes with 10 popular designs and shapes that you can mold your excrement into. Why would anyone want to use this? Please tell us this is meant as a gag gift and nothing more. Or we might ...

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