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Cord Plug Redesigned

One of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis (besides drive your automobile) is fiddle with the power cords of home appliances. You never know when pulling that cord will result in a tear and a powerful shock that you’ll certainly remember. Good thing designer Kim Seung Woo has redesigned the standard power cord with a glow-in-the-dark ...

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Fuel Cell Stickers, No Outlet Required

Can you imagine charging your cellphone without plugging it into an outlet? No, I’m not talking about those plug and charge kits you can purchase for select phones, I’m talking about fuel cell stickers. Just slap ’em on the back of your phone and considered it charged. The Swedish-based company myFC is trying to expedite the act of charging cellphones ...

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Chevy’s Going ‘Lectric

Nothing beats driving 60 miles for one hour only to end up stopping for an 8 hour charge as you run up the electric bill of some random stranger. Not even Chevy can deny the satisfaction of only having to stop at a gas station once a month, so it’s officially announced the Chevy Volt due out on the streets ...

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