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The VW XL1: Drive 261 Miles On One Gallon of Gas

And I thought my Honda Civic's nearly 40 mpg was impressive. Twelve years in the making, the incredible VW XL1 is capable of driving 261 miles on a single gallon of gas. That's the equivalent of driving from New York City to Hershey, PA for around $4.

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Inside Out One! *punch*: The Inside Out Volkswagen

My brother and I love playing that Volkswagen punching game when we’re cruising down the road. Well, more like my brother punches me and I grimace. I’m truly terrible at it. So it’s more like a one-sided slugfest then a true game. Black one! Red one! Inside out one! Wait… huh?! AlmapBBDO’s newest advertisement for the Volkswagen Fox turns the ...

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2009 Audi RS6

Audi is known for making some quick fucking cars. Between the R8, RS4 and S4 Cabriolet, the German auto manufacturer is looking to up the ante with it’s 2009 RS6. Giving the RS4 treatment to the A6, the RS6 will feature a powerful 580 hp V10 engine that’s funneled air from twin flamethrowers turbochargers. Zero to sixty will only take ...

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Building A LEGO VW Beetle Won’t Make You A Nazi

Volkswagen owners are really passionate about their cars. My buddy Raymond owns a GTI and puts like $10,000 into it each year. That’s a lot of money, so why not go for something a little more affordable? For $120, you can score this 1626 piece VW Beetle LEGO kit. Based on a 1960 ‘Charlotte’ model, the VW is 16″ long ...

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Volkswagen 2028 Concept Vehicles

Car companies are trying every day to get our minds off of high gas prices and onto things like alternative fuels and concept designs. Volkswagen is the latest car manufacturer to release a slew of concept renderings and this time, it’s a blast from the….future? These three vehicles are supposed to be what cars will look like in the year ...

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VW Computer Case Is Not Beetle Sized

We’ve seen a super cool case mod themed after a V8 engine, but never one that shows love to the German Volkswagen (which means “people’s car” for all of you Nazi sympathizers). The VW case mod is no short stack, resembling closer a VW bus than a Beetle. The VW case was showed off at CES at the Cooler Master ...

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