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Steampunk Ray Gun

Not much to say here except for a resounding “WOW.” This ray gun is a steampunk creation that was found on Flickr user Tinkerbot’s photostream. Seems Tinkerbot is all about designing fake ray guns that have a distinct vintage feel. After the jump, a selection of his best works that really put the “punk” back in the already enigmatic steampunk ...

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Replicant: The World’s First Microprocessor-Based Calculator

Retro computer enthusiast Bill Kotaska has successfully built a replica of Busicom’s historic 141-PF printing calculator using vintage Intel chips. It’s the 37th anniversary of the world’s first single chip, customer-programmable microprocessor, the tiny Intel 4004. It was the Japanese calculator maker known as Busicom which later introduced the first product ever built around an Intel microprocessor. So, in light ...

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That’s What She Said

I’m really sorry for all the t-shirt posting today but I’m pretty sure it’s against the law for me to NOT post this. If she thinks the floppy inches are nice, she should see my Token Ring. Now that’s what I call “software.” Link (via)

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A Bike Design That Predates The Company Producing It

What a sweet ride! The Rasmus Gjesing ATB Tourist bicycle is the work of, you guessed it: Rasmus Gjesing. Gjesing’s company was founded 12 years ago and focuses on quality and design that tries to steer clear of the look of mass-produced bicycles. With the ATB, everyone may think you’re riding an old bike, but that top-of-the-line Motorola MP3 helmet ...

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DIY: Lamp To Parabolic Microphone

Here’s a great way to eavesdrop on an unknowing sap’s conversation. Objects in Flux’s Scott Mitchell has turned a vintage lamp into a parabolic microphone for recording. It’s got volume control and a headphone socket mounted in the lamps base. This way, no one other than the headphone wearer gets to hear the goods. And by goods I mean the ...

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Fifteen Sidecars You Probably Haven’t Seen

Found on my pal Nick’s Tumblr, these sidecars from the past 50+ years are both unique and classic. What better way to add additional storage/passenger capacity to a scooter or motorcycle than a sidecar? From the gorgeous 1954 Steib sidecar above to the disgusting Volante sidecar of the 1930s, these are some metal caskets you can’t miss. Hit the jump ...

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