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LEGO Vignette Pays Tribute to Pixar’s “Up”

This LEGO Vignette proves that you don’t need much more than a few LEGO bricks and pieces for prove your artistic worth. LEGO master Peter Aoun created this masterfully minimilist LEGO scene which pays homage to Disney/Pixar’s most recent release, “Up,” proving once and for all that Pixar is more than a company offering a wide assortment of epic beards. ...

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So This is Christmas: The Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO-ized

I can’t attest to being a crazy The Nightmare Before Christmas fanboy, as I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the movie all the way through, but I always did love Tim Burton’s style. This film vignette captures that style pretty well despite the fact that it’s completely composed using LEGO bricks and accessories. Emulating the now iconic poster art ...

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