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LG’s Latest Portable DVD Player

LG makes every product under the sun. You name it, LG probably mass produces it. LG also enjoys marketing bizarre combination of electronic equipment. Take this 8″ portable DVD player, the LG DP889. Little excessive on the numbers, don’t you think? Well, this portable DVD player not only works as a normal CD player but it also happens to be ...

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Real 3-D For Your Viewing Pleasure

In yesteryear, we’d be playing Rad Racer with those chunky black glasses with the blue and red lenses thinking all along, “Wow this is real 3-D! The cars just jump out at me, man!” However, this is not the case. The company Holografika has created “HoloVizio” technology which provides multiple viewers with a three-dimensional display that changes as people shift ...

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Getting ziggy zaggy with dSLR

Those who switch from normal digital cameras to dSLR have taken live-view LCDs for granted, a lot of them have even expressed disappointment having realized that almost all dSLR in the market do not have live-view LCDs, you would need to poke into the view-finder in order to know what you’re framing. Olympus has released 1 or 2 dSLRs with ...

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